We want our client’s projects to stand out from the crowd. With that always at the forefront of our mind, we blend design functionality, space efficiency and current aesthetic principles to create interior spaces that are truly inspiring. 


All of our fit outs are project managed by us, from start to finish, including design, trades, compliance and certifications, ensuring you can focus on running your business with minimal disruption.


We tailor our designs to suit a range of budgets and capitalise on our longstanding relationships with suppliers and trades to make sure costs are competitive and conducive with project success.


Every project is drawn expertly inhouse utilising current industry specific programs and the option of 3D renders are provided to enable clients a highly visual option to fully appreciate the space promised.


We understand that fitouts and de-fits can be a little overwhelming and pride ourselves on ensuring our clients not only know exactly what we will provide from start to finish but that we offer a complete service with constant support and communication from a team of qualified builders, interior and industrial designers, trades people, certifiers and support staff.


Our team of in-house designers, builders and trades have delivered exceptional spaces across a myriad of industries for over 20 years. Working with clients closely to discover how they envisage their workplace is what sets us apart from the rest. We offer practical advice on building standards and capabilities as well as creative design solutions to make sure each project is as individual as each client’s diverse business.


Designfit takes care of all the hard elements and has the capability of preparing a location by seamlessly completing a de-fit or demolition or revitalising previous fit-outs.


Designfit’s Managing Director is an experienced and registered builder with 30 years personal industry experience. This brings with it all the benefits of learnt experience and knowledge specific to the construction industry over a sustained period of time. This in turn helps us assess and minimise risk to our projects and ensure projects are delivered to the highest standards. The Designfit construction team provides solutions for a variety of clients across different industries. Our experience covers commercial, industrial, mining, agricultural, retail, hospitality and healthcare.


Our skilled team has a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget. We believe in working with our clients to ensure project expectations and deliverables are met. Because of this collaborative approach we are able to integrate our services more effectively to innovate a smarter solution.


Our in-house team and skilled, reliable trades people bring invaluable experience and expertise to every project as well as maintaining a hands-on approach throughout the entire lifespan of a project. Designfit was created with the intent to provide better design and construction solutions - challenging the over-engineered and cost driven design and construction techniques that have been the common trend in the industry.


Our turnkey based solutions ensure that your space is ready to function from completion without the need to outsource the right partitioning, furniture or finishings. 

Partitioning allows cost effective and lightweight space solutions for your office, creating privacy and space allocation for each individual. We have a range of stud and plasterboard partitions which offer flexibility to create multiple rooms or one large project space. Finishes come in a variety of options including vinyl, white board or glass to suit your acoustic and aesthetic requirements. Designfit will collaborate to achieve the best results in order to fit within your desired budget and timing parameters.

We source furniture from a variety of trusted manufacturers, from market leaders to small local craftsmen ensuring that the best possible choices are made for each project. We also provide extended warranties, ensuring furniture selections will be serviceable for years to come with us as the point of claim.